Application of computer vision and machine learning for spatially accurate object representation in AR/VR PhD


The Centre for Competitive Creative Design (C4D) at Cranfield University in partnership with OrangeLV have come together to offer an exciting PhD focusing on the development of a novel proof of concept AR/VR solution. The PhD will apply CV and ML to a narrow scenario inspired by the challenges revealed during development of various products by OrangeLV. The PhD will become efficient in working with AR/VR through the help of assistance by OrangeLV and a well-stocked lab.


AR and VR are areas of exponential growth yet builds upon the foundation of CV and ML. This research opportunity will allow combining existing understanding of CV and ML with gained insights in AR/VR and access to cutting-edge hardware and software into the development of focused software for education, commerce or entertainment.

We are looking for a stellar candidate with skills in CV and ML and aptitude to pick up AR/VR and collaborate with other multidisciplinary software developers, 3D artists, designers and researchers in prototyping and building proof of concept AR/VR software products.

The student will also gain the opportunity to acquire or enhance transferable skills: 

  • Expertise in Computer Vision and Machine Learning applied to AR/VR

  • Experience writing code for various platforms

  • Experience designing for multi-threaded architectures

  • Experience in profiling, debugging and testing complex systems

  • Experience working with 3D content

  • Insights into Material and Physics Simulation 

  • Capacity to collaborate with content artists and designers

  • Knowledge of cloud services and web API usage

  • Writing Skills (Reports/Applications/Documents) 


This is PhD is part of a wider research project focusing on the development of a novel proof of concept Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) solution.

International travel may be expected throughout the project duration.



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